Adventure of the Spirit by Mathias Ekornaas






The contribution of documentary films to the world of cinema has always been discussed. While some experts claim that documentaries are a vital narrative type, another group expresses their discomfort because it makes the audience relatively "passive." Short documentary films as an intermediate genre create a new concept and try to gain a place in the art world.

                We see all the details that should be in a short documentary here. What have we got? Drone shooting? All right. High image quality? Definitely yes. Amazing nature views? You are in the right place! Interviews and short animations? Absolutely yes!.. In fact, the director manages to convey the right choices to the audience with a suitable combination. There is no problem in terms of cinematography, except for minor roughnesses. The film did an outstanding job of projecting the local people on the screen and depicting the weather change in nature.

                However, when we look at the overall film at the end of all this, it is seen that there is no more than a short nature adventure with a beautiful friendship background. Such a quality documentary film could have been carried to a much better level. An episode full of adventure, action and parts based on the unknown could have been added ... But as stated on the movie info page, this is the director's first experience. We can say that he will do much better in the future...