Tango Shalom

by Gabriel Bologna




                         “The tango is a direct expression of something that poets have often tried to state in words: the belief that a fight may be a celebration."

                                                                                                            Jorge Luis Borges           



Films that reflect a particular culture, society and belief in a colorful way are always respected in the art world. Tango Shalom has chosen a style for himself in this sense, and he tries to present this style to the audience in the best way. While there are moments when he does his job very well, some parts that are below the general quality negatively affect the general structure of the film. The world we will encounter in the first five minutes of the movie is presented to us in detail. We are preparing for an adventure of the protagonist and his family, who have a strong belief. The intercultural dialogue parts of the film are very nice details. It has a script that shows that dance culture can actually be stronger than beliefs, cultures, and traditions.

                The fonts and sequence at the beginning of the movie unfortunately remained at an amateur level for such a high-budget movie. We also think the sound recordings of the movie could be better. In some scenes, the dialogue feels deep and muffled. Finally, although the version we watched appeared as Full HD, there were pixelization and image quality problems in many scenes. We recommend that you upload a better quality viewer copy to the Vimeo page. In addition, the rapid camera zoom movement towards the characters was used repeatedly in the film. Generally, these types of camera techniques are given very few places in the editing.

                Especially we need to open a paragraph to he music department. Throughout the whole movie, the background music has been used in accordance with the subject and the flow. For this reason, we congratulate the musicians of the movie. Considering that music completes the image, Tango Shalom surpasses its class with a high grade in this respect.

                Regardless, Tango Shalom is a very enjoyable feature film that can be watched without getting bored. We can say that a very entertaining work of art is waiting for you, if you watch it without expecting too much...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AIFF