Unfulfilled by Rodney Kimbangu




In the world of cinema, multiple dimensions have always attracted the attention of the audience. Sometimes this can be in the form of parallel universes; sometimes it can be a different background in the character's own inner world. In this film, after an accident, the author is narrated through a story that takes place in herself or at a border point where she returns to life again. This brings the subject to an interesting point.

                We need to point out that there are some transitions during editing. For example, we see that the character at the beginning of the movie throws an incident at a distant point and suddenly runs after seeing it stop. However, it would be much more correct in the previous scene if it moved after a while and the image moved to the running scene there. There are a few minor problems of this type throughout the movie. The main problem that can be said about this movie is sound design. We can hear the conversations very clearly, but as if they do not belong there; we also hear the sounds of nature behind them, but as if they do not belong there either. It is almost completely installed afterward. This creates an artificial situation in the natural flow of the film. Also, the visual effect of the male character's disappearing from the screen could have been done better. The transition there was not so smooth.

                We can say that the blue-weighted filter used throughout the film is a bit too extreme. When we read the film credits, we see that all the effort is mainly on a single person. In my opinion, if professional support and a new point of view support are taken on subjects such as cinematography and editing, outstanding work can come out in future projects. It can be tiring and restrictive for all the technical processes related to a movie to go through one person.