by Maximillian Aguiar



                                                                                     “I don't do drugs. I am drugs.”
                                                                                               Salvador Dali                                                                                                                                 

                It was written as a mystery and a comedy in the film tag for Veneer, but we found the movie quite "experimental". This is not a comment that should be perceived badly, but the film does not fully meet the essential elements of a standard feature film. Veneer is a movie that tries to tell its own story in a unique structure. This situation definitely deserves appreciation.    

                Some scenes were too long and could be edited shorter. The clothing shopping and interior car scenes are examples of this. The bird's eye view (drone recordings) looks magnificent, adding color to the film. It also makes the movie look a higher budget. The poster of the movie is also made in a very humorous style.

                The songs are carefully chosen but sometimes get ahead of the scenes. If music and movie are used together properly, you end up with some of the most affecting memories a person carries with them. However, some songs may have copyrights. We can say that they should pay attention to the director and producer in this regard. Also, using the whole of a song in a movie can seem like an easy way. A specific part of a song should be used to match the fiction.  

                It is certain that Veneer is a very good production compared to the budget. It has a style, it has little surprises to keep the audience in, there are also small camera games at the semi-pro level. It can be used as a stepping stone to the next fully professional production. As it is, very difficult to compete with its peers, but it was a very popular film by our festival team. Congratulations to the entire production team.

              Finally, we want to believe that the cocaine shown in the movie is actually flour. Otherwise, the movie is at a really high cost...