Yard Kings by Vasco Alexandre





                 "Yard Kings" is an artistic production that tells about the effects of domestic violence on children and women, builds its atmosphere on a very dark structure and contains many truths in the name of cinematography. The color plate used in the film is very successful. The right colors were chosen for a movie set in a scrapyard. In addition, the aspect ratio you use is a particular choice (usually for traditional television & computer monitor standards). It probably stands as a special preference for the particular mood of the movie.

                First of all, it is necessary to focus on the subjects on which the film was thriving. The performances are fine. The dialogues the children have with Keith are quite entertaining. The general mood is based on pessimistic. The preferred color palette and filter proves this. We can say that the general atmosphere of the film is quite impressive for a short film.

                In the last episode, after leaving the caravan, while shooting with the current camera, the female character approaches the camera, and then we see that she is shot from behind. Here a smoother transition could be made, again showing the children and taking a close-up of the woman sitting down. These small problems are present in the movie. Of course, this may be an editing choice, but a film's success in a cinematic sense depends on such small details.                In the film's finale, the music used must either stop or change the tone before the "Credits" episode is on the screen. It's continuing the same tone of music over both image and text damages the film's atmosphere. During the woman's emotional moment, a pause could be given and then the music could be continued with the credits. A small detail, but how important is it, right?

                In a film, no one should not make the mistake of saying the name of the film clearly. It would be sufficient for the children to name the area they established as "Yard". But then the boy shouts, "Yard Kings". We have to leave this to the audience. The audience should or should not think that if that area is "Yard" they should also be "Yard Kings". The editing and script of the movie should not reveal everything. Leaving a few elements for the audience to discover will make you more successful. Except for these minor problems, we have to say it's a very good short film...